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Natural Optimization

Why Instagram?

Powerful Social Media Hub

Instagram has skyrocketed as a favorite social media hub.  

People love Instagram because of its clear, simple format.  And because of that it's a great platform for business owners to build likeability and trust. 

But there are unique techniques that create engagement and increase views and followers. Most business owners don’t completely understand the formula for attracting massive numbers of followers.  

Expert Approach

I'm a creative, skilled Instagram Account Optimizer (IAO) with over 4 years of experience.  I've developed a proven formula for maximizing brand development and significantly increasing followers, reach and engagement.  Ultimately - people want to do business with you!

Here's what I'll deliver for you:

  • Create and post fresh, appealing content that naturally attracts your ideal clients.  
  • Optimize thumbnails and hashtags that continuously increase views, followers and reach.
  • Craft creative, Instagram-optimized video clips that attract loyal followers and high engagement.  Drone service available.
  • Increase your customers' trust and desire to engage with your company and products/service.
  • Strategically and organically grow the number of followers every month through scientific analytics in addition to fresh content.

Your Success!

I will work with you to create your unique Instagram story that will create likeability, build trust - and skyrocket your number of followers through viral growth!

I'd like to work with you to take full advantage of this fresh, powerful platform. Together we will identify the best direction to bring your business to life on Instagram.

I'm dedicated to set your business apart in a unique and fresh style that organically attracts your ideal clients, builds reach and increases engagement, all at a rapid pace.

Results Matter!


Is your Instagram presence just for show or do you actually want it working for you?

Bots only boost numbers, not actual clients.  My optimizations boost your reach and engagement.

My formula ensures your followers are real people who are engaging - that's what builds your brand.

Creative, Fresh Content

With businesses, the right photos and types of edits will build your brand and communicate your mission statement clearly.

I have the creativity and expertise to choose the right photos and video edits that will magnetize your account.



I offer great packages and am confident in my abilities to deliver.  

Depending on your needs and my availability, I can also acquire original photos and video for you.  Drone-acquired content is available within certain cities.

Take the first step and contact me and together, we can reach your goals.

The Right Posts = The Right Traffic


Here’s a quick video:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BfW-QH1FmOE/?taken-by=lennonvaughan

This post pulled over 23,000 views.  

By helping businesses succeed on Instagram, I'm also funding my trek towards the next Olympics!

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Results Matter!

I guarantee I'll increase your business’s number of viewers by 25% the first month* or I will refund 100% of your money.  

Take the first step and contact me and together, we can reach your goals.

Lennon Vaughan, Instagram Optimizer

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